Power industry products

Not all products are represented in all areas. Please contact your local office for information on product availability in your area.


Continuous Level Measurement
RF Admittance - Ultrasonic - Non-Contact Radar - TDR (Guided Wire Radar)
Magnetostrictive - Hydrostatic Pressure
Point Level Measurement
RF Admittance - Conductivity - Vibration - Float Switches
Analytical Products
Clarity Control Monitor
Cut Monitor


Alarm Management, Fault Recorders, Annunciators, Revenue Meters, Sequence of Event Recorders


Flue Gas Analyzers for measuring Oxygen,
Combustibles, Methane & Fuel-Rich


Ultrasonic, Insertion Vortex, Insertion Turbine,
Inline Vortex and Electromagnetic Flowmeters


Thermal Dispersion Flowmeters, Flow Switches, Level Switches


Emergency Safety Showers, Eyebaths and Decontamination Equipment


Thermocouple & RTD Assemblies, Thermowells,
Protection Tubes & Temperature Transmitters


Sight Glasses, Process Lighting, Sight Flow Indicators and Camera Systems


V-Cone Flow Element for Liquids, Gases & Steam,
Magnetic Flowmeters and Propeller Meters


Laminar Flow Elements, Accutube Pitot Tube, Orifice Plates, DP Gauges and Transmitters


Heat Traced Tubing Bundles, Insulated & Jacketed Tubing, Enclosures and Instrument Stands


Pressure Relief Devices, Rupture Discs & Explosion Vents


Fixed O2, Toxic & Combustible Gas Detectors, Flame Detectors


Automated Oil Spill Detection Sensors & Systems


Spectre Corp

Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Sensors, Level Sensors


Flow Conditioners